Financial News

  • Hidden Loophole in Corporate Tax Reform Law, Revealed
    Why would any multinational corporation pay the new 21 percent rate when it could use the new “global minimum” loophole to pay half of that?… Read more »
  • Why Dollar Cost Averaging Beats Buying the Dip
    Let’s say you had the ability of a god – you could determine the exact low point of the stock market each year], in real-time,… Read more »
  • Paying for Advice
    The world’s first financial advisor is Joseph, son of Jacob. He is doing asset management for the Egyptian Pharaoh and he also kind of invents… Read more »
  • 10 Wednesday AM Reads
    My midweek morning train reads: • How to Wreck a Pension Plan in 3 Easy Steps. (Wealth of Common Sense) • Bad Real Estate Lessons You’ve Learned From… Read more »
  • Big Brokers Mutual Members Stock Exchange
    This is a little inside baseball, but in light of the various conversations I have have down in Florida about trading and fees and data… Read more »
  • My Tribute to John C. Bogle
    You cannot measure the quality of a man by the size of his bank account, but in John Bogle’s case, you can measure it by… Read more »
  • Why Bull Markets Are Dangerous
    This is a true story.. My 86-year old mother called out of the blue today to complain about one of her investments. “It’s not earning… Read more »
  • 6 Ideas for Lump Sum Investing
    You’ve just received a lump sum of cash. Perhaps it was from a rollover retirement account, the sale of assets, or an inheritance. Now what… Read more »
  • Fund Managers and the Illusion of Skill
    Mutual fund rating services divide mutual funds into categories based on their investment style. This helps investors compare the performance of one style to another… Read more »
  • Forewarned Is Forearmed On Investment Expenses
    “Ignorance is bliss,” or so the saying goes. Unfortunately, as it applies to Wall Street, that bliss is more likely to go to those preying on investors’… Read more »